Program Spotlights

McCEP Program Spotlight:
Minnesota West Community & Technical College

Geographic Location:
Southwest Minnesota- Campus in Jackson, Worthington, Granite Falls, Canby, and Pipestone – Centers in Luverne and Marshall.

When did your CE Program Start?
Fall of 1998

Is your program currently NACEP Accredited? Since When?
We are currently NACEP Accredited – May/Spring of 2016.

How many high schools do you partner with?

What high schools do you currently partner with?
Worthington High School, Luvurne High School, Pipestone Area High School, Edgerton Public High School, Martin County West High School, Wabasso High School, Mountain Lake High School, Westbrook-Walnut Grove High School, Yellow Medicine East High School, Fairmont High School, Jackson County Central High School

What’s your most popular course or courses?
We offer high schools the opportunity to teach any course found in our college catalog based on their credentialed faculty/instructor.  Popular courses are found within the following disciplines – Math, English, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, and Speech.

What is unique or interesting about your program? 
Our long standing relationships with area high schools (several since 1988), as well as our large geographical reach (19 counties, 22,000 square miles).

What does your program do really well? Highlight an effective program component.
Communication and professional development.  Utilizing online component in D2L to provide additional professional development opportunities for our instructors.

Primary Contact Information:
Katie Heronimus
REACH Program Firection/PSEO Coordinator
Lucurne Center Director

Kayla Westra
Dean of Technology & Distance Learning

Concurrent Enrollment Instructors 2016 MNwest.jpgPictured above: 2016 Concurrent Enrollment Instructors at Minnesota West Community & Technical College


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