Statewide Impact

2013-14 academic year data show the widespread impact of concurrent enrollment in Minnesota

The data below is preliminary data from the Minnesota Department of Education and includes information about public school students who participated in Minnesota concurrent enrollment programs in which college/university courses are

  • taught in the high school,
  • during the regular school day,
  • by high school teachers who have been selected and prepared by college/university faculty.
Course registrations: 59,749
College credits earned: 208,629
(Number of credits reflect those that were generated by students eligible to generate Concurrent Enrollment Aid)
Tuition saved by Minnesota families: More than $55 million
Credit recognition: 94% of survey respondents who requested credit recognition reported that the credit counted at colleges and universities other than the concurrent enrollment program partner. Recognition comes in at least three forms: transfer of credit; exemption from required courses; or placement in advanced courses.*
Number of concurrent enrollment programs working with public schools: 27
NACEP-accredited programs: Twelve
$2,000,000: total amount of state concurrent enrollment aid available to schools (schools received approximately $33 for each registration out of the $150 per registration provided for in legislation.)
* Data about credit recognition is from a survey of concurrent enrollment programs conducted in 2008. Report can be downloaded at the right.